Armando Vasquez

Creator & maintainer of


I'm an avid fan of video games, code and Canada Dry. I got my start as a QA test intern in my post-college days and eventually made my way into full stack web development. These days, I work at Cypress as a full stack engineer on the Dashboard team. In my free time, I enjoy random code projects, 3D modeling and wrangling our wild gang of doggos.

Work history

Cypress.ioJuly, 2021 - Present
  • Senior Cloud Engineer IDecember, 2022 - June, 2024
    • Develop and maintain core front end, API and schema code necessary for new feature implementations
    • Create and maintain interoperability code for integrating with third-party platforms (Chargebee, Slack, GitHub, GitLab, CircleCI, etc.)
    • Triage critical platform issues that may arise and implement fixes with supplemental unit tests
    • Work with product managers and designers to assist in development new commercial platform features
    • Partake in on-call rotation with the full expectation to be able to triage effectively (including knowing when to defer to other subject matter experts)
  • Cloud EngineerJuly, 2021 - December, 2022
    • Write and maintain Cypress Dashboard client code using React and Apollo Client
    • Write and maintain Cypress Dashboard server code using node, GraphQL, Redis and more, running on AWS cloud architecture
    • Write and maintain extensive tests using Jest for unit tests and Cypress for E2E/component testing
    • Work with product team to help with product-level decisions
    • Aided in the documentation of crucial developer-related processes
    • Create and maintain repository actions to automate certain processes such as weekly releases
GatsbyJSDecember, 2018 - April, 2021
  • Cloud Services Engineer - L2October, 2019 - April, 2021
    • Maintained responsibilities I had while an L1 engineer
    • Coordinate with third-party providers to ensure smooth integration with new services
    • "Owner" of crucial end-user platform integrations, such as CMS Provider integrations
    • Discuss implementation details and status updates with high-level company personnel (both technical and non-technical)
  • Cloud Services Engineer - L1December, 2018 - October, 2019
    • Create and maintain Cloud Enterprise APIs use Apollo GraphQL
    • Create and maintain code to intercept webhooks from a variety of third party integrations (Salesforce, Stripe, etc.)
    • Implemented the back-end support for consumer-facing, third-party integrations for Gatsby Cloud (Contentful, DatoCMS, CosmicJS, etc.)
    • Maintain Cloud service codebases
    • Coordinate with third-party service providers to help them develop services that integrate into the Gatsby Cloud platform
AVAI Mobile SolutionsMay, 2015 - December, 2018
  • QA Test LeadMay, 2016 - December, 2018
    • Directly correspond with high-value clients for troubleshooting/configuration questions
    • Guide product managers, developers, and clients as AVAI’s Google Analytics Subject Matter Expert
    • Coordinate with product managers, developers, and key stakeholders on process standardization
    • Maintain technical documentation for developers and testers
    • Write and maintain test suites
    • Authored internal system reference documentation articles
    • Revamped analytics-based testing strategies
    • Designed and implemented comprehensive test suites for all baseline app templates
    • Create scripts for automation
    • Built internal test automation device network using Selenium Grid and Appium
    • Constructed dynamic, highly-recyclable app page automation drivers (using Appium)
    • Modernized company demo app to streamline presentations and to emulate real-world client configurations
  • QA InternMay, 2015 - May, 2016
    • Manually test a variety of apps on both iOS and Android
    • Execute weekly, bi-weekly and monthly testing suites
    • Discover, replicate and report bugs and coordinate solutions with developers